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As CEO and Intern of poorchoices.org, it is my privilege to provide you with the best personal finance information possible. In most cases, it is free and worth about the same. I have no formal training, no prestigious degrees, and quite frankly, no business discussing most of what I write about. But since when has that ever stopped someone on the internet from expressing their views?

I think about money in the same way a bird thinks about flying. Which I assume is never and all the time. It is instinctual to me because it had to be. I grew up relatively poor and therefore developed a penchant for pinching pennies. And alliteration, apparently.

Here you will find a collection of best practices I’ve observed over the years on how to save money. My posts are often about how I spend that money, how I invest it, and how I make more of it. I also sprinkle in the occasional thought about what it means to live a contented life.

A few of my favorite things are waking up early, physical books, and reading my own emails from the point of view of the recipient after I send them. I can’t help it.

My legal team wants me to mention that you will find zero investment advice here. All views expressed are strictly my own opinion and do not represent any guarantee of performance.

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Even though I’m a very important person (I was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006) I am always available for side collaborations and fireside chats. If you want to discuss money, books, meditation, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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